Network Design and Installation

The complexity of implementing and maintaining an optimized IT network is no longer a simple process. Integrating diverse technologies and products with mobile working practices of the 21st century adds great pressure on organizations that need to design, implement and manage both local and wide area networks. We provide an extensive range of network products and services from the latest networking technologies to ensure your benefits.

The right network and systems will meet a company’s existing and future business needs while controlling costs. Getting the right type of help and advice to design a network is just as important as choosing the right software and hardware for your network.

It is simply not possible for internal IT staff to keep up to date with all the latest advancements in technology and potential threats to the network. Therefore it makes even more important to partner with an organization that can provide the right expertise and experience.

Network Design Process

Information Gathering :

Determination of aims and objectives of the project including technical investigation of current project infrastructures.

High Level Design :

Based on the detailed information gathered in the first phase, a high-level design will be provided,according to clients' specifications and project goals.

Design Approval and Consolidation :

Once high level designs are submitted to the client. All constraints, benefits and potential threats are presented. After reviewing and upon approval, project planning and product selecting can be started.

Detailed Design :

The most crucial detail for the design specifications and configurations to be comprehensive is a breakdown structure of the work. Once it is done in a manageable format it will help you to examine all complicated task within the project

Testing / Proof of concept :

Once Detailed Design is agreed and submitted, ITboons can demonstrate the efficiency of the design solution, providing comprehensive testing plans and facilities. All this will happen before any major investments are made, so the risk to your organization will be reduced significantly.


We are experts in the design, implementation and support of networks that enable your business to maximize its investment in IT. We can provide network solutions for organizations that have tens or thousands of users.

Our network design services cover multi-vendor networks and management systems. We can provide an analysis of the low-level design of your current network and offer recommendations based on industry best practices.

Whether you are designing a simple LAN or a large scale corporate network with wide area capabilities, we can help minimize time-consuming redesign and ensure the success of your deployment by reviewing your design, or provide complete design services from scratch.

high availability/ Disaster recovery

Don't confuse high availability and disaster recovery. High availability is about preventing downtime and disasters, while disaster recovery is recovering from downtime and disaster once they occurred. Disaster recovery solutions are designed to help you recover from true disasters (floods, fires). not minor problems (network card failure, storage corruption). more..

Statistics show that on average, over 40% of businesses that do not have a Disaster Recovery Plan go out of business after a major loss like a fire, a break-in, a storm, or sabotage.

Need to build a disaster recovery or business continuity plan, but don’t know where to start? ITboons can build a solution that allows organizations to manage potential disasters while retaining continuous access to their most important business applications. ITboons helps to maximize user investments by creating most highly efficient, performance optimized business continuity solutions.

Benefits of ITboons for HA/DR :

  • Requirements analysis, planning and high level design

  • Dedicated Account Manager to ensure your complete satisfaction with our services

  • Support and Licensing

To find out how our high availability solutions can ensure your business continuity, please contact us at 800-780-3056 or email at


One of the hottest topics in today's IT industry is virtualization. Companies around the globe are implementing virtualization for a variety of business needs, driven by opportunities to improve server flexibility and reduce operational costs. Our virtualization experts can help to analyze and visually map how to migrate and consolidate servers to virtualized environment.more..

ITboons is a leading solution provider in virtualization infrastructure and has implemented VMware, Microsoft and Citrix virtualization solutions. ITboons offers resources to build a more efficient, effective, reliable and cost effective virtualization solutions. We are Vmware, Citrix and Microsoft partners.

ITboons Virtualization services include:

  • Planning, Design and Implementation

  • Server and workstation consolidation

  • High Availability design and implementation

  • Centralized backup, upgrades and maintenance

  • SAN/NAS design and implementation

  • Project management and support

  • Cost reduction planning

Benefits of ITboons Virtualization:

  • Direct access to virtualization certified experts

  • High quality best practice, standards based approach

  • Dedicated Account Manager to ensure your complete satisfaction with our services

To find out how our virtualization solutions can optimize your business needs, please contact us at 800-780-3056 or email at

sAN design and implementation

Storage Area Networks (SAN) are used primarily in enterprise data centers, medium to large-scale, high performance computing applications, and have become a popular way of managing ever increasing storage requirements in a cost-effective and highly flexible way. Today's virtualization technology has made SAN more popular and cost-effective. Our professionals can help you to evaluate storage requirements and roll-out best SAN solution.

Selecting the correct size of SAN is one of the major key factors in the SAN implementation. If a large SAN is implemented and a small number of hosts are attached, this could be a waste of money. Whereas if a smaller SAN than required is implemented it could run out of capacity and cause a costly reconfiguration expense.

Our experts have implemented solutions from leading storage manufacturers including EMC, NetApp, Hitachi, HP etc.

Benefits of ITboons SAN Design and Implementation:

  • Direct access to storage certified experts

  • Requirements analysis and detailed design

  • Vendor independent expert guidance and advice

  • Dedicated Account Manager to ensure your complete satisfaction with our services

To find out how our storage solutions can ensure your business continuity, please contact us at 800-780-3056 or email at

Network security

Today's organizations rely on highly available. secure computing environments to efficiently and safely conduct business. One reason companies need to think about security differently is that the nature of the threat has changed. Our security specialists help you to plan and protect your network and secure your assets.more..

Attacks on computer networks from the Internet have dramatically increased in sophistication and frequency. These attacks are affecting all types of networks from a handful of users up to large corporations. In addition, your next security breach is likely to be internal. "If you think you are not losing data out of your company, you're wrong; 75% of leakage comes from internal threats.

What can you do under so much extreme pressure to make your network more secure?

We evaluate your network to analyze any internal or external security breaches and help to implement efficient, reliable and cost-effective solution.

Benefits of ITboons Network Security Solutions:

  • Identify configuration, design and management weaknesses.

  • Review the policies of firewall, router and remote access policies.

  • Identify the vulnerabilities within your file and print infrastructure.

  • Propose cost effective and clearly defined access control strategy.

  • Direct access to security experts.

  • Dedicated account manager.

To find out how our network security solutions can secure your business, please contact us at 800-780-3056 or email at