Lets talk about collaboration!

Interactions are not only credible with visuals but faster way of communication and can change the way your accomplish goals. ITboons technologies offers custom collaboration and easy to use communications platform for Cisco Unified Communications (UC) and IBM Social business users. uCollab enables Cisco audio and video calls, visual voice mail and other modes of communication directly from your preferred interface. A seamless user experience is designed to maximize user productivity and ROI in avery  cost effective way. uCollab is available for both desktops and web based collaboration to keep your valuable teams interact from anywhere in the world. Meetings and trainings are made flexible and far reaching for on-site and off-site interactions. 

ITboons is committed to provide the spot-on expertise and an unrelenting assurance to manage the advanced technology services offered through the unmatchable tool. Our expertise & research in information technology is backed with span of knowledge, experience, and economical systems that can help companies to increase productivity, customer satisfaction and measurable revenue savings. 

We can customize the tool according to client's need and working styles to provide nothing but the best. Customer satisfaction is our main objective and we continuously work towards improving you experience with our product and services. We  have the desktop version in line for the next update, which is guaranteed to enhance the functionalities and features. 

For complete range of our Services and Cisco UC Integrations, CALL 1-800-780-3056 or email info@itboons.com